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To achieve maximum contraceptive effect women have used the patch transdermal in strict accordance with the instructions. The instructions concerning the beginning of the patch transdermal anadrol pills shown below in the section “How to start the use of the patch transdermal  “. At the same time, you can only use one patch transdermal  . Each used […]

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It inhibits gonadotropic pituitary function, inhibits follicular development and prevent ovulation process. The contraceptive effect is also enhanced by increasing the viscosity of cervical secretions and reduce the susceptibility of the endometrium to the anadrol 50mg blastocyst. The index reflects the frequency of pregnancy in 100 women over 12 months of application of the chosen […]

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Estrogenic drug 1 time per day from the 1st to 25th day of the cycle, together with 10 mg anadrol 50 for sale2 times a day from 11 th to 25 th day of the cycle.Dysfunctional uterine bleeding (to stop bleeding).10 mg 2 times a day for 5 days or 7 in combination with estrogen.Dysfunctional […]

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Dydrogesterone is a progestogen effective when taken orally, securing offensive phase endometrium secretion, anadrol results thereby reducing the risk of endometrial hyperplasia and / or carcinogenesis, increased by the action of estrogen. It is indicated in all cases of endogenous progesterone deficiency. Dydrogesterone has no estrogenic, androgenic, thermogenic, anabolic activity or corticoid.   For the treatment […]

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Has a laxative effect, occurring in about 8 hours. Laxative effect due to the effect on colon receptors anadrol 50 motility enhancer, which leads to a more rapid bowel. Indications Constipation due to atony, hypotonia and sluggish motility of the colon. Contraindications Intestinal obstruction, incarcerated hernia, acute inflammatory diseases of the abdominal cavity (in Vol. H. […]