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Patch transdermal anadrol vs dbolshould stick to the skin on the first day of bleeding menstrualnopodobnoe “cancel”, which began after the discontinuation of the combined oral contraceptive. Menstrualnopodobnoe If bleeding does not start within 5 days after receiving the contraceptive pill, it is necessary to exclude pregnancy before starting the use of the transdermal  . If the application  starts after the first day of bleeding menstrualnopodobnoe, within 7 days you must simultaneously use barrier methods of contraception. If, after taking the last contraceptive pill has been more than 7 days, then the woman may have ovulated and therefore she should consult a doctor before starting to apply the patch. Sexual intercourse during this prolonged period, receiving free contraceptive tablets may lead to pregnancy.

If a woman goes to the contraceptive pills containing progestogen only, the use of the patch transdermal .
She can any day to move from the use of a preparation containing only a progestogen (the day of implant removal, on the day when the next injection should be done), but for the first 7 days of treatment with transdermal patch anadrol vs dbol should use a barrier method for enhancing effectiveness.

After an abortion or miscarriage
After an abortion or miscarriage before the 20th week of pregnancy, you can immediately begin applying transdermal  . If a woman begins to apply the patch  immediately after an abortion or miscarriage, to resort to an additional method of contraception is not required. A woman should know that ovulation may occur within 10 days after an abortion or miscarriage.
After an abortion or miscarriage in the 20th week of pregnancy or later, use the patch transdermal anadrol vs dbolcan begin on the 21st day after an abortion or miscarriage or on the first day the first ensuing menstruation (whichever comes first).

After childbirth
women are not breastfeeding her baby can start applying the no earlier than 4 weeks after giving birth. If a woman begins to apply  later, during the first 7 days it must additionally use a barrier method of contraception. If there was a sexual contact, it is necessary to exclude pregnancy before starting the use of the transdermal  , or the woman has to wait for the first menstrual period.

At full or partial peeling off transdermal patch 
If transdermal patch is fully or partially come off, then the blood flows insufficient number of its active ingredients.
Even with partial peeling off transdermal patch anadrol vs dbol

  • more than during the day (24 hours or more), and if the woman does not know exactly when the patch  partially or completely come off: possible pregnancy. The woman should immediately start a new cycle, a new patch transdermal gluing  and consider this day the first day of contraceptive cycle. Barrier methods of contraception should be used at the same time only during the first 7 days of the new cycle.

Do not attempt to re-glue patch transdermal , if it has lost its adhesive properties; instead, you must immediately stick the new patch transdermal  . You can not apply additional adhesive tape or bandage to keep the transdermal patch in place  .

At the beginning of any contraceptive cycle (Week 1 / Day 1):
If the increased risk of pregnancy a woman should first stick the patch anadrol vs dbola new cycle immediately as soon as you remember about it. This day is considered the new “1st day” and counted the new “day of replacement.” Barrier methods of contraception should be used concurrently for the first 7 days of the new cycle. In the case of sexual intercourse during the extended period of time without the use of contraception can occur conception

  • from the date of replacement have been one or two days (48 hours): the woman should immediately stick the new patch  . Next transdermal patch  is necessary to stick to a regular “day of replacement.” If during the 7 days preceding the first skipped day of transdermal patch attachment , a woman properly applied transdermal  no additional contraceptive protection is needed;
  • It has passed since the replacement of more than two days (48 hours or more): there is an increased risk of pregnancy. Women should stop the current contraceptive cycle and immediately start a new 4-week cycle, pasted a new patch transdermal  . This day is considered the new “1st day” and counted the new “day of replacement.” Barrier contraception must be used simultaneously for the first 7 days of the new cycle;
  • at the end of the cycle (Week 4 / Day 22): If the transdermal patch is not removed at the beginning of the 4th week (22-day), then it should be removed as soon as possible. Another contraceptive cycle must begin at the normal “day replacement,” which is the next day after the 28th day. Additional contraception is not required.

Changing the date of replacement
if a woman finds it necessary to replace the transfer date, the current cycle should be completed. Removing third transdermal patch  should be made in an ordinary day replacement. During the week, free applications, a woman may choose a new day replacement, gluing the first transdermal patch  the next cycle on the chosen day. Period, free from the use of a transdermal  , in any case should not exceed 7 days. The shorter the period, the greater the likelihood that a woman will not be another menstrualnopodobnoe bleeding, and during the next cycle contraceptive may occur acyclic abundant or scanty bleeding. anabolic steroids online pharmacy

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