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To achieve maximum contraceptive effect women have used the patch transdermal in strict accordance with the instructions. The instructions concerning the beginning of the patch transdermal anadrol pills shown below in the section “How to start the use of the patch transdermal  “. At the same time, you can only use one patch transdermal  .

Each used patch transdermal is removed and immediately replaced with a new one the same day of the week ( “day replacement”) on the 8th and the 15th days of the cycle of the drug (2nd and 3rd week ). Evra transdermal  can be changed at any time to replace the day. During the 4th week, from 22 th to 28 th day of the cycle, a transdermal patch s not used. A new contraceptive cycle begins on the next day after the end of the 4th week; next transdermal patch anadrol pills should be pasted, even if the bleeding menstrualnopodobnoe “cancellation” has not been or is not over. Under no circumstances should a break in wearing the transdermal patch Evra ® should not be more than 7 days, otherwise it increases the risk of pregnancy. In such situations, for 7 days at the same time you need to use a barrier method of contraception, since the risk of ovulation increases with each day of exceeding the recommended length of time, free from the use of a transdermal patch. In the case of sexual intercourse during this period increased the probability of conception is very high.


patch transdermal  should stick to a clean, dry, intact and healthy skin of the buttocks, abdomen, outer surface of the upper arm or upper body with minimal body hair, in areas where it will not come into contact with a tight-fitting clothing.
In order to avoid possible irritation every next transdermal patch  is necessary to stick to a different area of the skin, it can be done within the same anatomical region. Unacceptable use transdermal patch on the breast.
The patch transdermal  should be tightly pressed to the edges of good contact with the skin. To avoid reducing the adhesive properties of the patch transdermal  should not be applied make-up, creams, lotions, powders and other local resources to those areas of the skin where it is glued or be bonded.
A woman should daily inspect patch transdermal anadrol pills in order to be confident in his firmly secured.
The used transdermal patch must be carefully disposed of in accordance with the recommendations.

Since the used transdermal patch contains significant amounts of active ingredients, it must be disposed of carefully. For this special adhesive film is separated from the outside of the bag. Place the used transdermal patch in the sachet so that its adhesive side facing the painted area on the bag, and lightly pressed for sealing. Sealed packet is discarded. The used transdermal patch should not be thrown in the toilet or down the drain.

How to start the use of the transdermal patch  If during the previous menstrual cycle has not applied the hormonal contraceptive Contraception using the transdermal  begin on the first day of menstruation. Glued to the skin of a transdermal patch anadrol pills and use it throughout the week (7 days). Day of bonding the first transdermal patch(1 day / day of the beginning) specifies the following days replacement. Replacing Day will fall on the same day each week (8 th and 15 th days of the cycle). On the 22 th day of transdermal patch cycle is removed, and from 22 th to 28 th day of the cycle woman is not using the transdermal patch . The next day is the first day of a new contraceptive cycle. If a woman begins to use a transdermal patch anadrol pills is not the first day of menstruation, it is necessary to simultaneously use a barrier method of contraception during the first 7 days of the first contraceptive cycle.


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