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Estrogenic drug 1 time per day from the 1st to 25th day of the cycle, together with 10 mg anadrol 50 for sale2 times a day from 11 th to 25 th day of the cycle.Dysfunctional uterine bleeding (to stop bleeding).10 mg 2 times a day for 5 days or 7 in combination with estrogen.Dysfunctional uterine bleeding (to prevent bleeding)10 mg 2 times a day from 11 th to 25 th day of the cycle.

Hormone replacement therapy in combination with estrogens

During continuous estrogen administration schedule – 1 tablet dydrogesterone 10mg daily for 14 days under the 28 day cycle.

When estrogen cyclic regimen – 1 tablet of 10 mg dydrogesterone during the last 12-14 days of estrogen.

If a biopsy or ultrasound evidence of inadequate response to the progestogen drug, dydrogesterone daily dose should be increased to 20 mg.

Side effects

In rare cases, you may experience breakthrough bleeding, which can be prevented by increasing the dose of the drug. During clinical application it was not detected anadrol 50 for sale other side effects, including virilizuyuschego effect.

release Form

20 tablets of 10 mg in a blister pack made of aluminum foil and PVC film, uncoated or coated with PVDC, packed in a cardboard box.


Shelf life

The preparation is stable within 5 years after the release, subject to storage at a temperature anadrol 50 for sale C in the original undamaged package.

The drug should not be used after the date printed on the package. tamoxifen citrate for sale